Tasnia Hussain: “I’m not afraid of my body anymore”


Tasnia Hussain

is Sister of the Month!

Our March Sister of the Month has been selected by Coach FLG from our East End location. Tasnia’s great attitude, her ability to lift others around her, and her focus in class has earned her this mighty recognition. Read Tasnia’s interview below!

Name: Tasnia Hussain

Age: 24

When and why did you join Sister Fit?

Until recently, all I cared about was being an economist. Since I was young, my small physique forced me to accept that physical strength wasn’t for me. So, I didn’t care about my body – as long as I could work for hours, I was happy.

But in 2017, I got injured. I couldn’t work the way I used to work. At first, I hated my body for its betrayal. But at some point, it hit me that strengthening your body is as important as working on the soul and mind. Yet after years of neglecting my health, I didn’t know how to care for it; I also feared getting more injuries. To become strong, I had to risk getting hurt again.

In order to heal, I took a break from economics in 2018. Sister Fit came into my life soon after when they showcased boxing drills at a gala I attended in May 2018. What I saw moved me. The girls up there were my size and they were so powerful! Most athletic people I saw didn’t look like me at all! So, I approached FLG *immediately* after and told her I wanted to box. But, after being injured for so long, I feared my body. [Coach FLG] said, “that’s exactly why you should come.” I joined SF that weekend.

To be strong, I had to risk getting hurt again.
— Tasnia Hussain
Art by Tasnia (2019).

Art by Tasnia (2019).

Preferred class: Muay Thai Boxing at Toronto Striking Academy!

How has SF enhanced your life?

Because of Sister Fit, I’m not scared of my body anymore. I realized that it was always strong and resilient, just not trusted enough. Boxing was completely new to me. The moves felt strange and I made a lot of mistakes. But the more mistakes I made, the better I got. I just had to show up each week to witness that change.

When I took a year off, I thought I’d be alone but joining SF introduced me to a community. Many have their own struggles but show up every week. Their resilience is inspiring and I am better for meeting them.