Get Ready to Sweat! How to Prepare for your Sister Fit Class

By Coach FLG

Welcome to the Sister Fit Blog! You can expect to learn more about Sister Fit coaches, our awesome students, tips on nutrition, delicious recipes, opinions about everything health and fitness, and of course...rants!

Speaking of rants, please allow me to break the ice with the first rant of the season.

As Head Coach of Sister Fit, I spend a large portion of my time “in the trenches” getting to know our students while I manage and teach several classes. I’ve learned a lot through teaching and while I’ve experienced the joys of working with my students, I’ve also experienced the challenge of informing habits of self respect and responsibility.

Photo by  Thao Le Hoang  on  Unsplash

I remember going to martial arts classes at a very young age. I was enrolled in traditional martial arts from the age of five until I was twelve. My memories of these classes are punctuated with the strictest rules of discipline. If I didn’t arrive to class in my uniform, or was inappropriately dressed, I was unable to participate. Our school went through a phase where if another student was late, we had to run up and down the staircase until they arrived. Sometimes the “late” student never showed up, so we ran the stairs the whole time. Not to worry, it was only a three hour class!

I have tons of tales to tell from those days, but I chose to ditch this old-school mentality of discipline and shame. Though it did yield results, there was a heavy personal price to pay (more stories for another time) and I knew that when I started Sister Fit, I wanted the experience to be one of positivity as well as self respect, discipline, and an adherence to high standards.  

At Sister Fit, we are flexible and compassionate, but we have high standards and expectations for our students. We believe in the value of our programs but they can’t be rendered to their full potential if only one side of the burner is on. One easy way to get into the correct mindset is to look the part. Looking the part is playing the part. The way you present yourself in class will influence your personal motivation and ours too.

Success doesn’t begin once you step into class; it begins the night before with the preparation you take to mentally and physically prepare for class. So with that in mind, here are a few rant-infused rules for proper preparation for a successful class experience:

Wear gym clothes and pack an extra set of clothes to change into after class.

If you’re a parent, consider what your kids are wearing and how it will impact their learning and performance. Are they wearing their favourite jeans? A nice dress with lovely shoes because they have to see grandma right after class? You’d be surprised how many times this has happened. It’s also a common habit among teens! To put it simply, jeans, everyday clothing, or formal clothing are not appropriate choices for a fitness and martial arts class.

What to wear: your Sister Fit uniform, sweat pants, or yoga pants, and running shoes.

Value the time you’ve allotted for yourself or your child to engage fully in physical activity. Leave that sparkly, sequined shirt and new jeans for another occasion!  

Arrive to class in freshly laundered gym clothes.

When we only have class once or twice a week, I expect my students to have their uniforms washed and ready to be worn in class. It never feels great to put on gym clothes that have been balled up in a gym bag just stewing in sweat and darkness for a week! Don’t put yourself and your classmates through the displeasure of stinky gym clothes. Respect yourself and your classmates and show up smelling fresh!

Pay attention to personal hygiene

It’s natural to sweat up a storm when you’re working hard in class. Prevent unpleasant odours from becoming overpowering. Consider what 20 or more bodies of high-energy, dripping sweat can smell like - it’s quite the experience! For your own sake, and to prevent your classmates from fainting from the strength of your aroma, apply deodorant or antiperspirant before arriving to class. Pack a small towel so you can wipe down during breaks and after class. Taking care of your hygiene is a respect you owe to your body and to those around you. Take pride in yourself!

Photo by  Icons8 team  on  Unsplash

Photo by Icons8 team on Unsplash

Hydrate during breaks

Photo by  rawpixel  on  Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

This one is fairly simple. Come prepared with a filled water bottle to hydrate yourself during breaks. Take advantage of short breaks by giving your body what it needs - take a few sips of water, and get yourself mentally ready for the next round of activity. It might be tempting to catch up with a friend during your break, but save the really long, captivating chat sessions for after class!

So ladies, come dressed appropriately, bring water, wear deodorant, ask questions, and want more.

See you in class!